Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Year

So it is the New Year and my #1 resolution is to actually update my blog and i really do mean it this time! I am going to set it as my home page and do it more often maybe people will actually read it if i do that lol. So anyway yeah it is a brand new year which i always think of as a fresh start and a new beginning. 2010 was an okay year but i think that 2011 can be better. I have been running three times a week which makes my PFTs like skyrocket it is crazy. So i intend to keep up with that God willing, and also i want just be more comfortable with my self and be true to myself so that I can really have an amazing year. I am not saying that i expect the year to be perfect I mean i already have a cold which scares the begesus out of me because i still kind of have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from being in and out of the hospital for so long. But yeah i am going to try and make this my most fun best year yet and you should too, do something exciting new whatever! Have fun and live your life to the fullest this year. K I'll write soon. Peace :)

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